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Managing a company health and safety program can be very challenging and can overwhelm a company’s operational performance when missing the right health and safety team. Due to federal/state regulations (e.g. OSHA, EPA, DEQ, etc.), a company must implement and maintain meticulous health and safety records. At Essential Safety Partners, we will not only assist with recordkeeping, but will help to track, trend (i.e. leading and lagging indicators), and analyze data in effort to increase overall health and safety program success.

  • Health & Safety Manual

  • Policies/Procedures

  • Compliance Auditing

  • Inspection Forms

  • ​Data Tracking/Trending/Analysis

  • Training Matrix/Records

  • Weekly Safety Meetings/Toolbox Topics

  • Incident/Injury Records (i.e. OSHA 300 Logs, etc.)

  • Project Safety Planning/Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Progressive Coaching (Discipline) Records


A successful health and safety program is dependent upon more than policies and procedures (health and safety manual). At Essential Safety Partners, we believe the best approach to achieve employee buy-in and deliver successful results is to be plugged in where the risk takes place. Our strategic partnership engagements are designed to place our team of safety professionals on the front lines to proactively reduce risk to both employees and employers.

  • Project/Facility Risk Assessments

  • Driver/Fleet Risk Assessments

  • Employee Training (i.e. OSHA, MSHA, etc.)

  • Equipment Operation Training

  • Equipment Inspections

  • Job/Project Planning

    • Project Kickoff/Expectation Meetings​

    • Pre-Construction Meetings

    • Subcontractor Selection/Management

  • Incident Response/Investigations

  • OSHA/MSHA Inspection Response 

  • Job/Project Staffing


At Essential Safety Partners, we believe a holistic approach to risk management is essential to overall health and safety program success. Our holistic approach focuses on partnering and engaging the entire team/organization to ensure employee buy-in and build a healthy culture.

  • Human Resource Department Support

    • New Hire Onboarding​

    • Employee Safety Orientation

    • Drug & Alcohol Program Support

  • Fleet Technology/Database Management

  • Pre-Qualification Database Management (e.g. ISNetworld, Avetta, BROWZ, etc.)

  • Security Management/Support

  • Business Operational Support

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